About the Editor

Jane Ranger

My name is Jane. Graduated with degree in accounting, worked in engineering, fortunate to retire from the corporate world of business and finance several years ago. Happily married, kids, great family, great friends, my mother’s favorite child (out of 5).

But you probably want to know more than that. so here goes:

• Loves animals; hates to sleep!
• Loves to travel; hates to sleep!
• Loves to scuba dive; hates to sleep!
• Loves the internet; hates a slow connection!
• Loves to eat; hates to exercise (but I do)!
• Loves Jesus; hates structured religion!
• Loves to laugh; hates whiners (we have so much to be thankful for)!
• Loves the outdoors; hates to sleep (but I do)!

That may be TMI, but what you really need to know is that I have a tender heart when it comes to animals. I’ve had numerous dogs and cats, and they all have found me – I haven’t gone looking for them. Each one has brought joy and companionship to me, meeting needs at certain times that I didn’t even know I had.

If you are interested in knowing about some of them, then read on (otherwise, just go to bottom of the page):

Ranger abandoned

Ranger abandoned by trash can

Ranger – a great little fellow – mix of Schipperke and Pomeranian (SchipperPom). I love this dog! And do you know someone left him by our trashcan one morning! He wouldn’t come to me at first – I finally just sat down in the driveway, and the next thing I know, he was in my lap. We checked for lost dog signs, took him to the vet to see if he had a chip; sent notes through the local neighborhood watch programs – but no one ever responded. My niece and her kids were up that week, and he now spends time with both our households. He is such a special dog!

Border Collie Shadow


Shadow – another abandoned dog that we rescued from a busy street. He was a border collie, and followed me everywhere – hence the name Shadow! He would “herd” me in the house, keeping me close. We found a great home for him with a neighbor across the street. Unfortunately, he developed a tumor a few years later, but he was loved by all of us.

Redhead & Cruella

Cruella & Redhead




Cruella – a kitty that she earned that name! She’s now 14, deaf, over-active thyroid, but still feisty and going strong. Ranger loves to bark at her, and she will chase him – which is what he wants. She’s a sweetie.

Redhead – Cruella’s brother. He had such a neat personality, and was so regal. He loved to explore, and then cozy up right next to you. He developed cancer last fall, and died last month. I sure do miss him!

Ben Laden

Ben Laden - always watching!

Ben Laden – terrorist kitty! He was so mean; I assume the family that had him just put him out. He’s fixed, knows the litter box, and can be loving – we are always careful. Couldn’t be in a family with kids, or anyone who wasn’t observant. So he moved in this past winter. Big kitty – he’ll be a on diet soon!

I could go on and on: Bones, Pooh-Bear, Josie, Morris, Nermal, Gremlin, Boogie, Blondie, Neo, Cally, Puff, Jack, Boomer, Samantha, Lady, Nosey, Boxer, Angel, Rocky,…..

All were special and unique, and we remember them fondly!

So, animal lover, who hates to sleep; web designer and publisher. It’s a winning combination!

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