Finding The Perfect Name For Your New Pet

Names have an incredibly big impact on our lives. They change the way others see us, they change the way we see ourselves, and they alter many of our interactions. If your name is Adam, then expect to get lots of accidental calls from friends who have let their phone go off in their pocket. […]

How to Administer CPR to a Dog

Steps on How to Give CPR to a Puppy Any number of things can cause a puppy’s heart to stop beating such as choking, illness or some traumatic injury.  Administering CPR could save your dog’s life.  However, it is easy to do more harm than good in administering CPR to a puppy, such as to […]

How to Have a Green Pet – 4 Tips for Raising an Eco-Friendly Puppy

American president Ronald Reagan once said, “We have three cats. It’s like having children, but there is no tuition involved.” A lot of people treat their pets as good as, if not better than, they treat their family members, including giving them an eco-friendly lifestyle. The primary reason people give for choosing an eco-friendly lifestyle […]

How To Prepare For A Trip To The Vet With Your Dog

Taking Your Dog To The Vet: Tips & Advice. A trip to the vet can be stressful for both dog and owner. Despite this, regular visits to a veterinary practice are an essential aspect of any dog’s life. Vaccinations and routine procedures will be necessary for every pet, so even if you’re lucky enough to […]

How to Pick a Puppy – Finding Puppy Love

Dogs provide a lifetime of unconditional love and lots of fun along the way. The best way to guarantee a perfect fit between your new puppy and your family is to decide carefully when searching for the right dog. Things to consider when picking a puppy: Your activity level Your lifestyle Your living quarters The puppy’s breed characteristics The […]

How to Housebreak an Older Dog – Easy Housebreaking Tips

Bringing home an older dog is a great idea for many families. It not only gives older dogs a new chance at a great life, it helps active families enjoy the companionship of a dog without the young puppy training hassles. However, there are some challenges when adopting an older dog.

How to Puppy Pad Train a Puppy – Housebreaking Without the Hassle

Let’s face it; housebreaking is the number one problem for all puppy owners. I’ve owned dogs all my life, and it is still a tiresome and often aggravating process. If you live in an apartment or cold weather climate, you can add inconvenient to the list. But guess what? It doesn’t have to be any […]

How to Clean Dogs Teeth – Sparkling Canines Made Easy

Like people, dogs get plaque from bacteria and food buildup on their teeth. That plaque is a large contribution to the well-known phenomenon called “doggie breath”. However, bad-smelling breath is just a symptom; the cause is unhealthy levels of buildup that lead to gum disease and eventually will even cause your dog to lose his teeth.

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