8 Great Accessories for Your Furry, Scaly or Feathery Pet

8 Interesting Accessories Your Pet Will Love

One of the best things about owning a pet is that you have a great excuse to buy all kinds of interesting accessories to keep your companion happy and amuse your friends. Best of all, you have countless items to choose from since the market for pet lovers has been growing at an astonishing rate. In 2007 alone, Americans spent over $40 billion on pet items such as food, housing and toys, which was more than all the video game, music and movie purchases combined. Finding the right accessories for your pet, to match your tastes and your pet’s personality, then, can be a difficult decision.

Here are a few of the many awesome accessories you can buy for your furry, scaly or feathery friends:

1. Dog Camper by Straight Line Designs

A dog house is great for owners who want to provide outdoor shelter and security for their companions, but those who live on the road may prefer a dog camper from Straight Line Designs. Resembling a vintage Streamline trailer, this fiberglass and stainless steel dog house is stylish yet sturdy enough to protect your companion from the elements.

2. The Endless Collar™ by Bella & Roo

Canine couture has become a popular trend among celebrity pet lovers and their fans, which is why the demand for fashionable dog collars has exploded. The Endless Collar™ by Bella & Roo goes a step further by allowing you to change styles and themes according to whim with a variety of attachments such as feather boas, rhinestones and animal prints.

3. DJ Cat Scratch by Suck UK

SUCK UK Cat Scratch
Cats need to scratch in order to keep their claws and muscles healthy, and if they don’t have an outlet for this they are sure to use your furniture. Unfortunately, most scratching posts are not designed with style in mind, but the DJ Cat Scratch by Suck UK is both functional and fun. Now your cat can stay healthy and achieve its dream of becoming the next top DJ to perform in all the hottest clubs.

4. The Run-About Hamtrac by Super Pet

Hamster balls are a great way to keep your little friends from scurrying into hard-to-reach places while they exercise, but for added fun you can buy the Run-About Hamtrac from Super Pet. This racing track comes with three sizes of balls to accommodate rodents of all types. Best of all, the tracks are sectional, which means that you can build a monster raceway with multiple kits.

5. The Litter Spinner by Smart Choice Pet Products

Litter Spinner
Although many cat owners appreciate the fact that they don’t have to go on a scavenger hunt when it comes time to pick up their pet’s waste, cleaning the litter box is not their favorite chore. The Litter Spinner from Smart Choice Pet Products makes this task much easier because it automatically sifts the litter and deposits waste into a convenient tray. Moreover, its drum design prevents cats from scattering litter all over the place while they dig.  And the Litter Spinner has 4-star reviews with Amazon.

6. The Silverfish Aquarium by Octopus Studios

If you enjoy displaying your fish, then choosing a beautiful aquarium is the key to making them the center of attention. These days, aquariums come in all shapes and sizes, but the Silverfish Aquarium by Octopus Studios has one of the most unusual designs on the market. Consisting of six linked glass globes, this stylish aquarium resembles a collection of laboratory equipment or what an undersea hotel might look like. It will surely impress your guests.

7. The DogFinder by Nina Ottosson

Nina Ottosson DogFinder Interactive game
Your veterinary technician or Vet has probably already told you that dogs need intellectual stimulation in order to keep from getting bored and engaging in bad behavior. Designed by Nina Ottosson, the DogFinder is an interactive game that allows you to hide treats under various blocks that your dog must manipulate in a certain way to get its reward. Not only is this game fun for your companion, but it can also be used to facilitate training commands.

8. Flight Suits™ by Avian Fashions

Birds love to leave their cages and explore, but this can lead to a nasty mess on your carpet or on your friend’s shoulder. While birds can be potty trained, this process takes months to achieve, which is why Avian Fashions has designed Flight Suits™ to make cleaning up after your feathered friend a breeze. These washable diapers come in a variety of colors and fit most types of pet birds.

These products represent only a small part of what the accessory market has to offer for your animal companion, but before you buy any new toy, leash or enclosure for your pet, be sure to conduct some research first to see if it’s safe.

Thanks to our Guest Writer, Cindy Meirstein.  Cindy is a freelance blogger and writer who covers topics from pet health and products to college pet programs like veterinary technician schools. When Cindy is not writing she is hiking trails with her dogs.

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