Create a Comfortable Haven for Your Dog with Dog Crate Pads & Covers

Give Your Dog A Cozy Space with Pet Dreams Cratewear

Pet Dreams Front Door Dog Crate Cover

Large Dog Crate Pad & Cover

As an experienced dog owner, I understand the importance of confining my canine friend to his crate from time to time. Whether it’s for training or any other purpose, I want my dog to feel as comfortable as possible in his own space.

It wasn’t until I discovered Pet Dreams cratewear that I felt completely comfortable putting my dog in his kennel when necessary. Now, his crate is his own private place that offers a relaxed and comfortable environment.

I tried many tactics while attempting to make my dog’s crate more comfortable. I put what I thought was a comfortable dog bed into the kennel, but it didn’t fit well, was difficult to remove from the crate when I needed to wash it, and my dog wasn’t able to lie down comfortably. I lined the bottom of the crate with layers of old towels and sheets. All of these linens ended up in an unmanageable mess in a short period of time. No matter how securely I thought I set up my dog’s crate, it would look like a tornado swept through it in a matter of minutes.

As parents, we offer safe and comfortable playpens and cribs for our infants, and the greatest comforts for our own bedrooms. One day, when I was feeling especially guilty for putting my puppy in his crate while I climbed into my soft bed, I decided it was time to increase my efforts at creating a better “bedroom” for my dog. I wasn’t positive that it would make much of a difference what I put in my dog’s crate. However, after adding Pet Dreams cratewear, the only evidence I needed was his dramatic change in attitude when being put in his crate.

Multiple Benefits of Cratewear

Plush Cratewear 3 Piece Dog Bedding Set...

Different sizes & colors of dog cratewear

With the addition of Pet Dreams plush cratewear, my dog now goes to his “room” on his own for naps. His crate has become a safe environment for him at home and when we bring the crate with us on vacations. Dog crate bedding by Pet Dreams offers our canine friends many benefits, including:

• Soft, comfortable bedding that is custom-made to fit the precise measurements of the crate.

• Bumpers that protect your dog from the hard, metal crate bars.

• Crate cover creates a cozier space that reduces your dog’s stress.

• Variety of color and style choices for the crate cover and bedding so that the crate fits in with your home’s décor.

Dog Crate Pads & Covers Product Features that Stand Out

Pet Dreams Side Door Cratewear

Side door cratewear

Any dog owner knows that dogs can be finicky about what toys and bedding they will take to. You may spend a small fortune on a dog product that your dog completely snubs when you bring it home. This is why I was hesitant about spending more money on my own fastidious pup. Nevertheless, my dog was worth the try. The product features that attracted me to Pet Dreams cratewear, and that proved to be worth the investment included the following:

• Crate bedding designed to fit the 6 most popularly used crate sizes: (XS) 19”, (S) 24″, (M) 30″, (L) 36″, (XL) 42″ & (XXL) 48″. Measurements are based on the length of the longest side of the crate.

• The three included bed pieces (crate bed, dog crate pad, and crate bumper) are 100% machine washable. The quilting design prevents materials from shifting during the washing cycle. The bonded fiber in the crate pad and the fact that it is reversible ensures that it can endure repeated washings.

• The bumpers are secured to the crate with Velcro attachments, which, unlike strings, make it easy to quickly attach the bumpers and to prevent dogs from tearing away the attachments.

• Comprehensive design of the 3-piece washable pet bed offers optimum comfort.

What Do Other Pet Owners Think?

Like any savvy consumer these days, I always read customer reviews, whenever possible, before purchasing products. The customer reviews I found online for Pet Dreams are what ultimately swayed my decision.

The following is a small sample of what others had to say about Pet Dreams dog crate bedding:

“My rapidly growing Catahoula girl (named Layla after the Eric Clapton song) needed a larger crate, so I purchased one along with Pet Dreams Cratewear. Now, she sleeps throughout the night stretched out on her comfy cushion, and seems to feel very secure in her ‘den’.”

“These are great for providing privacy for the dog while allowing air to circulate. They wash well, do not shrink, and are showing no signs of falling apart from being laundered.”

“This product is amazing. The person who said id sleep in it, I completely agree with you. It makes me feel like I’m spoiling my dogs too much! Haha, but honestly great buy, fits my crate perfectly and was packaged extremely well. Will DEFINITELY buy more products from this company!”

Shopping Online while Prioritizing Safety

Shopping online has become second nature to me. Like most people, I lead a fairly busy work and home life that leaves little time to for shopping at conventional stores. Fortunately, secure Internet shopping sites, such as and allow me to purchase everything I need for my canine buddy without spending an exorbitant amount of time or money.

While I shop often online, I’m also aware of the importance of checking into the security and validity of a site before giving out my credit card information., of course, is a trusted shopping site that I’ve never run into a problem with. I’ve purchased products from before as well for my pup. The site is fully encrypted offering a secure shopping experience. Shipping costs from both sites were reasonable, and allowed the affordable convenience of having the product shipped directly to my front door in a short period of time. Additionally, the return policy of both sites gave me reassurance that, if I found any flaws in the product or decided that the product wasn’t what I was expecting, I would be able to return it. In other words, products were 100% guaranteed for customer satisfaction.

Ordering & Delivery Process

All I had to do to purchase the dog crate bedding was to choose the size and color of the product I wanted. Click the “Add to Basket” button, and then provide my credit card information and shipping address.

In a few simple steps, my dog’s cratewear was on its way! In just a few days, your dog bed for crate and other components of the cratewear will arrive at your door. The package that I received weighed less than 3 pounds and was intuitive to set up once out of the box. My dog watched with curiosity during the setup process, and became immediately and happily accustomed to his new “den.”

For any dog owner who must crate their beloved canine friend from time to time, it is well worth it to create the most comfortable, plush crate atmosphere. Whether your dog is small or large, there is Pet Dreams cratewear that will fit with a suitably sized crate. Your pup is sure to take to their crate with much greater enthusiasm, and will soon find that their crate is not a punishment but a private haven to relax in.

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