FRONTLINE Plus for Dogs – Best Flea and Tick Treatment For Dogs

Frontline Plus for Dogs – Protection from Fleas and Ticks

Frontline Plus for Dogs- 4 Options by Dog’s Weight – at AMAZON

Hi, my name is Jane and I’m a recent convert to using FRONTLINE Plus for dogs. This powerful, topical application really does the trick, and gets rid of not just fleas OR ticks, but kills both of those pests. That’s probably what drew me to the product first, honestly. I’ve tried a lot of different pest control products over the years with my dogs, and it always seemed like the one I tried worked only one fleas or ticks, but not both. FRONTLINE Plus for dogs kills them both.

Dogs are a lot like children – it’s our responsibility to make sure they’re happy, healthy, fed and groomed. Part of that responsibility is protecting them from natural pests that can make their lives miserable. Have you ever seen a dog with a serious flea infestation?

If you have (and I have), it’s a miserable sight. Ticks are even worse – they embed themselves in your dog’s skin, sucking your beloved pet’s blood and growing bloated and fat. What’s worse is that many ticks carry some pretty frightening diseases that can really hurt your beloved dog.

I’ll admit – I was skeptical about FRONTLINE Plus flea treatment at first. After all the expensive treatments I’d tried failed to do a good job, what made this one different?

A look at the benefits listed on the packaging was my first clue that I might be on to something here:

  • Kills fleas AND ticks
  • Kills adult pests within 24 hours
  • Kills flea eggs larvae (not something you’ll find with most other products)
  • Kills 4 types of ticks (including those frightening disease carriers)
  • 1 application every 30 days
  • USA EPA approved
  • It’s waterproof
  • 4 star reviews on Amazon

Those benefits really started the gears in my head turning. If FRONTLINE Plus for dogs could live up to those promises, then I’d be happy. What I found was that not only did FRONTLINE Plus flea treatment do what it promised, but it delivered even more benefits.

The Horrible Truth about Fleas and Ticks

Fleas and ticks are part of the natural world – if your dog lived in the wild the way his or her ancestors did, suffering from those pests would be a normal part of life (along with other parasites and pests). However, if you think that these pests aren’t really all that harmful because they’re a natural part of the ecosystem, think again.

Fleas and ticks pose some very real health risks to your dog:

• Ticks carry Lyme disease
• Ticks carry Rocky Mountain spotted fever
• Flea bites (scratching them) can cause permanent hair loss for your dog
• Fleas can cause ongoing allergic reactions for your dog
• Fleas can cause anemia (sometimes leading to death in severe cases)
• Ticks carry ehrlichiosis

The Best Dog Flea Control Means Fewer Applications

If you’re an experienced dog owner like me, then you know just how frustrating it is to apply flea protection time and time and time again. It seems like no sooner do you get it on your dog than it’s worn off and you have to do it again. Spot control solutions aren’t any better, particularly if your dog is nervous about spray bottles or medicines.

FRONTLINE for dog flea control really made a difference for me in that area. FRONTLINE Plus for dogs will kill fleas and ticks for 30 full days after you apply it to your dog. For anyone who’s sick and tired of going through application after application, that’s a pretty huge plus.

Another thing I found with FRONTLINE Plus pet medication is that when it says it’s waterproof, it really is. Whether your pooch likes baths or heads for the pond on a daily basis, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that FRONTLINE flea and tick treatment stays the course. In fact, the packaging warns you NOT to reapply for 30 days – that’s a lot of peace of mind.

Protect Young Pups from the Start

While you’ll find that FRONTLINE Plus flea treatment shouldn’t be applied to puppies younger than 8 weeks, it can be applied once they reach that milestone. For anyone with young dogs, you know how hard it can be to find the best dog flea control that works, but that can still be applied to puppies.

Thankfully, while FRONTLINE pet medication is strong enough for the largest breeds of dogs, it’s also gentle enough for the delicate fur and skin of your little ones.

What Spurred Me to Take Action

Like I said, I was hesitant to try out FRONTLINE for dog pest protection at first. Even with the benefits listed on the box, was it really the right thing? Was I throwing away my money? Did the stuff really work or would it hurt my dog? Reading FRONTLINE Plus for dog reviews online helped me make the right move.

For example, one customer pointed out that it was “lethal to fleas and ticks, but easy on your dog.” Another commenter said, “FRONTLINE Plus is really good stuff. We have used it for years now…”

Want proof that it works better than other products? Check out what one reviewer wrote. “I have in the past used the competitor of FRONTLINE and that did not work nearly as well. I’m highly satisfied with FRONTLINE.”

Buying Online with Saves Time, Money and Hassle

One of the first things that I didn’t like about FRONTLINE flea and tick treatment was the cost – I priced it through my vet and was a little disappointed in the result. I wasn’t willing to give up the protection it offered to save a few bucks, though.

I was really happy to find a retailer that gave me such a great price on the medicine I needed for my dog – offered a really low price. Lower than anything I found from other retailers, or my vet.

I also found that shopping with them offered other benefits. First, I didn’t have to go to the store – the medicine shipped straight to my door. Second, I could buy in bulk and get a whole year’s protection for a fraction of what I would have paid for half that with a different retailer (AND I got free shipping!).

The process was surprisingly simple, too. First, I was happy to see that the order process was encrypted (secured so no one could steal my credit card info). Second, all I had to do was select my pet size, the amount I wanted to buy and head to the checkout area. They even offered a shipping and tax calculator, which was handy to say the least.

Checking out was a breeze – I only had to put in my shipping information and my credit card details. Because I know that “https” in the browser address bar proves that the site is encrypted, I didn’t even worry about security.

I opted for the economy shipping (because it was free), but was very pleased to see that the site also offered FedEx shipping as well as USPS Priority Mail shipping. That way, I know that if I’m ever about to run out, I can have my dog’s medicine here in just a few days, rather than waiting for a week or more.

For those of us also like to shop Amazon, Frontline Plus is offered by Amazon also.  You can click here for Amazon’s shopping page for Frontline Plus for Dogs.  Amazon customers give Frontline Plus great reviews too.  Depending on your purchase, there may be a charge for shipping.

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