Greenies are the Healthiest, Tastiest Dog Treats on the Planet!

Did you Know Dogs Smile? They Do For Greenies.

Greenies at AMAZON – 5 star reviews

And Now I’ve Finally Found the Cheapest Place to Buy Greenies Online

My name is Jane and I want to tell you about an amazing treat I found that your dogs will just love. Greenies dog treats, at least in my opinion, are the best dental chew available for your furry friend. I’ve been a dog owner all my life, but even I wasn’t sold on Greenies – until I saw how dogs just love them.

Sometimes, dogs are just like children, aren’t they? When something is supposed to be good for them, chances are that they won’t like it. So when I heard that Greenies were not only nutritional and specially designed to clean dog’s teeth, keep their breath fresh, and protect them from gum disease, I had a feeling that getting my pooch Ranger to eat one would be like pulling teeth.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. Dogs love the taste, shape, and size of Greenies dog treats.

In fact, I’ve read several Greenies dog treat reviews online that say the same thing – the dogs just can’t wait for treat time.

Unlike other doggy dental chews, Greenies aren’t a one-size-fits-all kind of treat. The manufacturers have studied the bite strength of different breeds of dogs and discovered the optimum size/hardness ratios for your dogs – no matter how big or small they are. It’s that kind of attention to detail that makes dog owners like us feel good about giving our friends a treat (or maybe two).

Greenies are great for:

  • All size dogs (Greenies come in a wide variety of sizes and textures)
  • Owners who want to keep their pets healthy and happy
  • Dogs who have bad breath, plaque build-up, or who may be prone to gum disease
  • Use as training aids
  • Having on hand at all times for letting you furry friends know they’re loved

Greenies Protect Your Dog’s Smile – and Their Health

People say that dogs don’t smile. I say the people who say that have never owned a dog. I’ve owned plenty all throughout my life (Ranger’s my current “foster dog”), and you can definitely tell when your pooch is happy.

But a dog’s oral health is a very important indicator of their current and future overall health. 80% of dogs have some form of gum disease before they’re three years old. That can lead to sores, broken teeth, inability to eat, pain, suffering, and other diseases and infections which may even be fatal.

To keep your dog healthy, you need to keep their smile bright and Greenies dental chews are specially designed to do that.

Listen to what excited owner had to say after trying Greenies for their furry little friend.

“My dog loves these chews. They do a great job keeping tartar from building up. At his last check up my vet said his teeth looked wonderful.”

And a clean dog’s mouth is a fresh dog’s mouth. When you give your dog Greenies dental chews, say goodbye to embarrassing doggy breath without the harmful chemicals or the hassle of trying to get them to take a pill.

Greenies Teach Dogs to Tell Time?

No, not really. But many owners think so.

“Our Irish wolfhound LOVES to have a Greenie every morning. She eyes the cupboard that we keep them in and if we don’t get it for her while we’re eating breakfast, she sits and stares at us. Once we give it to her, she tosses it in the air and plays with it for about 20 minutes, then eats it.”

“Our 5 year old Korean Jindo dog “Buddy” gets a large Greenie every day at a certain time. If we forget when that time rolls around, he reminds us without fail. I guess that tells you how much he like his Greenies! And, he has healthy gums and clean teeth which is a plus.”

What these proud owners are really noticing is that their dogs have learned to associate a certain time of day (usually triggered by their owner’s actions) with receiving the Greenies treat – something that they really love.

In the same way, Greenies can help your dog learn good behaviors (and learn to ditch bad ones).

Want your dog to stop barking?

Give them a Greenie when they’ve been a “good” dog.

Want to housebreak your dog quickly?

Give them Greenies for going where they’re supposed to, not on your carpet.

Want to teach your old dog new tricks to impress your friends?

Use Greenies dental chews as training aids.

You can even use Greenies dog treats to help your beloved friend in tough times. One owner took the time to write about how Greenies have made caring for aged dogs so much easier.

“I have 2 elderly dogs (13 & 12). One is diabetic with seizures. The other one has heart problems and ulcers. Medicine twice a day is a normal routine now but was once a major hassle. Then I started giving them Greenies after their medicine. Now they look forward to medicine time and even let me know it’s time should I run a little late. Since they get them twice a day, I give them smaller Greenies than they would normally get. Greenies are the best.”

This struck as especially potent because I’ve had pets all my life (not just dogs and cats). I know how hard it can be to watch an older pet suffer. If Greenies can make giving a pet the medicine it needs that much easier, I’m sold!

And the important thing is you’re giving your friend a quality treat made with good, healthful ingredients like protein from the United States (not China).

Buy Greenies in Bulk from and Save

But there is one thing I don’t like about Greenies – the price. I have two “foster dogs” who come and visit me while their owners are away and I have to have treats in the house. However — I’m a bit ashamed to admit it — I used to have “other” dog treats in the house when they came to visit.

I know Greenies dental chews are better than the cheap dog treats you can get at your grocery store and I want to give my furry friends the best they can get. But buying Greenies can be expensive.

So I looked long and hard for an online retailer who sells Greenies dog treats at a price that I can afford. There are tons of websites out there selling Greenies, but most of them don’t offer any sort of discount – you’re better off buying them in stores!

That’s why I was amazed when I saw how cheap Greenies were on

At first I thought the price was too low, that there was some gimmick, or some hook that I was missing. But there wasn’t.

There are two key ingredients that go into letting you buy Greenies dog treats inexpensively on this website:

  1. They give you a significant discount over buying Greenies at stores.
  2. They allow you to buy in bulk.

So I Was a Little Late to the Party

I have to admit that I wasn’t the first to find out what a savings buying Greenies dog treats from Amazon really was. Several satisfied customers had already beaten me to the punch.

“We have checked around and you get the best value for your buck from Amazon.”

“Ordering through Amazon is the quickest, easiest and most affordable way of keeping greenies in the house!!”

“This website has the best price I’ve found.”

I love Greenies dog treats. Dogs love Greenies dog treats. And you will too. But don’t be like me and spend too much money for too long buying Greenies elsewhere. Buy Greenies dental chews for your pooch at and save.

And if you are an Amazon shopper, you can also purchase these Greenies dog chews from the Amazon store.   You may have to pay for shipping depending on the size of your order. 

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