Pet Studio Dog Ramp and Steps: Give Your Pet a Leg Up!

Pet Steps – 5 star reviews at Amazon!!

Two for One: Dog Ramp and Steps from Pet Studio

I’m Jane, and if you have an aging or arthritic dog that just can’t get around like he or she used to, there’s good news. The Pet Studio dog ramp and steps are an amazing innovation – I learned firsthand just how incredible these folding dog stairs really are. Yes, you read that right – the Pet Studio dog ramp is more than just a ramp, and it’s more than a set of stairs. It’s a single product that works both ways, AND it folds up to store under a bed or in a closet.

As our dogs age, they suffer from the same infirmities, illnesses and complaints that we humans do. If your dog has trouble getting up on the bed, the couch or moving from a lower room to a higher room in the home due to injury, age or arthritis, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

I have an older dog, and she’s been struggling for a while now to get up on our couch for some cuddle and TV time with me. When I saw that the Pet Studio dog ramp and stairs set promised some help, I was intrigued.  And after seeing there were more than 200 positive reviews on Amazon, I knew I needed to know more

Innovative Features and Real Usability

If you’ve ever tried out those pet products they hawk on late night infomercials, you know just how low quality and less than useful most of those things really are. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Pet Studio dog ramp seemed to offer some real usability and some very innovative features, including:

• Folding steps for dogs
• Transforms from steps to a ramp with ease
• Doggy stairs that collapse completely to store away with ease (even under the bed)
• Real wood construction
• Carpeted dog steps for more comfort and more safety
• Sturdy construction for REAL dogs (up to 130 lbs.)
• 12-inch by 16-inch steps
• Locking handle and steps for easy portability
• No assembly needed

Arthritis and Debilitation for Your Pet

Like I said, my dog has been with me for a very long time. She’s been a friend, a companion through times both good and bad. Her unequivocal love and devotion have supported me when I was down. Now that she’s getting on in age, it’s time for me to be there for her.

Watching as her arthritis worsened has been heartbreaking. Seeing her struggle just to get on the couch with me (and my couch is lower than a lot of others), is difficult.

Dogs with arthritis suffer the same pain and discomfort, swollen joints and limited ability to get around as we humans do. If you have arthritis, then you know exactly how impossible it might be for dogs with arthritis to do the things they used to do with ease just a few years ago.

Folding steps for dogs make it a cinch for them to get up with ease. What’s more, these folding dog stairs are portable, too, which means that I could take my dog with me when I traveled (I’d missed being able to do that, as I was forced to leave her at a kennel when we went on vacation because of her arthritis).

Just think how hard it is for dogs with arthritis to do the things they (and you) once took for granted. It’s very common for dogs to get arthritis in their hips. Dysplasia is another relatively common medical condition that can make it impossible for your dog to get around. With limited mobility like this, your dog can’t do simple things like jumping onto a couch or bed.

It makes sense – jumping requires the use of both muscles and joints, and those joints are inflamed and painful.

Using my new dog ramp stairs combo really made a difference for my dog. She was a little hesitant at first. She insisted on sniffing the doggy stairs before trying them, and her first time up it looked like she was sure there was a trick here somewhere, she just wasn’t sure where.

It only took a few trips up and down before she decided that she REALLY liked her new doggy stairs. We tried it in both configurations for a few days, setup as both folding steps for dogs and in ramp form. My dog really seemed to prefer the ramp form, but the stairs worked too.

What Do Others Say?  Reviews of Pet Studio Dog Ramps

Of course, I’ve never been one to be swayed by flashy advertising or slick graphics. Before I bought my Pet Studio dog ramp, I was bound and determined to find some real feedback from real people who’d actually used the thing before. Here’s a glimpse of what I found that really helped me make up my mind:

“I am 100% satisfied with my purchase of this pet ramp. Two months ago, after researching on the web, I bought this ramp from It was the best price by far…I am 100% pleased and unconditionally recommend this for owners of pets who weight under 130 pounds.”

“This was a great find. It is very sturdy and sleek looking. My small dog uses it to access a raised doggie door to get to the patio area. In the future, whenever stairs become a problem for her, it can switch to a ramp quickly and easily. Can’t go wrong with this product.”

Reviews like that really helped me make up my mind.

Shop with Safety, Security and Peace of Mind

I’m no stranger to online shopping, but before I put in my credit card details at, I wanted to make sure that the site was “on the up and up”. The security and simplicity of the ordering process really spoke volumes about the company’s dedication to protecting my information.

The checkout page was fully encrypted and getting there only required a single click. What’s more, they offered free shipping, so not only did I get the lowest price I’ve been able to find on my pet stairs, but I didn’t have to pay to have it shipped straight to my home’s front door.

I’ve been very happy with my Pet Studio dog ramp. What’s more important, though, is that my dog has loved it and we get to spend more time together than we have in a long time. You and your dog will love it to, and buying with ensures that you save big bucks on these folding steps for dogs.

And for those that love to buy through Amazon, the Pet Studio Dog Ramp is also available; however, you may have to pay for shipping. Either way, you and your dog will be very pleased with this great product! 

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