Finding The Perfect Name For Your New Pet

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Names have an incredibly big impact on our lives. They change the way others see us, they change the way we see ourselves, and they alter many of our interactions. If your name is Adam, then expect to get lots of accidental calls from friends who have let their phone go off in their pocket. And if your name is Caroline then expect it to be shortened by just about everyone.

This is why it’s so important to be careful when choosing the name of a child – and why many parents will deliberate for days and days on end before coming to a decision. Of course though this doesn’t quite apply to naming a pet in quite the same way, as they won’t even own a mobile phone. This doesn’t change the fact though that this is a name that you and your family are going to have to live with for a long time to come and that is going to make a big impact on the way you see your pet. How do you make such a big decision in picking the right name for your new pet?

Considerations When Choosing a Name for Your New Pet

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The first thing to do is to think about some of the considerations that you need to make regarding your pet’s name. Bear in mind right away for example that this is a name you are going to have to shout out in public when you’re down the park. You need to be sure then that you aren’t going to be embarrassed doing that, and that you’ll feel confident doing so. ‘Mr Snuggles’ might just make you cringe, and if it doesn’t, then it’s probably going to make your son feel a little awkward at least.

Another consideration to make is that the name should be one that you don’t already have bad associations with. Never name a dog after an ex for instance, or after the kid that used to pick their nose in primary school. These names are off limits and should be considered as such.

Finally, try to avoid names that are too obvious. Sure ‘Fido’ is nice, but it’s not particularly original and as such it will rob your pet of some of his personality.

Inspiration for the Name For your New Pet

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So now you know some things you need to avoid, where can you go to find suggestions? Well one place to look is on baby name websites. Sure, these are names for humans, but sometimes that can be cute. Meanwhile some of the names on these sites are going to be a little off-the-wall and actually more suited to a dog anyway. Yes ‘Bruno’ is probably going to come up.

You can also get a bit more creative when it comes to pet names though as pets are rarely going to be embarrassed of their names if you aren’t. Thus you might also decide to look for inspiration from your favourite TV program or comic series (Optimus Prime…), or you might choose to pick your favourite band (my dog was called ‘Elo’ after ‘Electric Light Orchestra).

Then there are the ‘descriptive’ names which work well if your dog or cat has a particular physical feature. A cute dog I met recently was called ‘Socks’ due to his white paws, and ironic names can also work well. Get creative and you’ll find it adds a whole extra layer to your relationship with your pet!

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Thanks to the guest author of this post, Jack Brown, writes for Pleasant Plains Animal Hospital. He is associated with a team of some of the best animal doctors in Staten Island.

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