How to Keep Pets Safe During a Home Renovation

Fall and winter months are becoming ever more popular times to do home renovations as the sweltering summer months are over, and contractors are offering a variety of specials in order to fill the empty spaces in their workflow calendar.  However, no matter what time of year you decide to do a renovation, they are still stressful.  They can take a toll on your finances, your resources and your sanity.  They can be stressful to every member of your family, from mom to dad, from child to even your four-legged family members.

Protect your pets during home projects

Keep Pets Isolated for Safety

When it comes time to complete a renovation, the last thing most families consider is the stress the renovation will cause their pets.  This is not to say that they don’t care about their safety or their health, but most assume that their pets are more resilient and resistant to stress than they are.  The truth is, however, pets of all varieties can be put in serious danger when it comes to home renovations.

Homes can becomes extremely noisy during renovations, and they can smell and be overly crowded with strangers.  These strangers have weird tools that make odd, loud noises, that are often much louder to pets than to us human beings.  These are things that your pets just may not be able to understand or to deal with properly on their own.  Here are some things you can do to keep pets safe when you renovate or remodel your home.

Recognizing When Your Pet is Stressed

The number one rule for pet safety when doing a home remodel is to remain vigilant.  You want to watch out for a variety of changes in your pet’s behavior, daily routine, or demeanor.  Often times these signs may point to the problem of excessive stress, and may include:

  • Accidents in the home even if they’ve been house-trained.
  • A loss of appetite or loss of hair.
  • Unusual behavior including loud barking or other noises.
  • Extreme irritability and reclusiveness.

Work with Your Contractor

You have hired your contractor and their team to assist you with your home renovation, and they are there to do the work that you hired them for.  It is your responsibility to ensure that your pets don’t get into the work areas, especially if you want to avoid any possible chance of personal injury litigation, if for some reason they cause harm to the workers.  However, a great contractor will work with you to make sure your pets don’t get in the way.  They can erect barriers and notify their workers that pets are on the premises and what to do if they get into the work area.

Isolation is Always a Good Choice

If the stress is too much for you when it comes to worrying about whether or not your pet will be harmed during the renovation process, one of your best options is to simply isolate them in another area of the home.

Take some time to think about where a good safe haven for your pet would be in your home.  Do you have a spare bedroom that you could keep them in while workers are on the premises?  Or is there a basement in your home where no work is being completed and you can keep them comfortably there?  Or a comfortable crate or kennel that will make them feel protected?  This place can be any peaceful area in the home where your pet can stay, be safe, and enjoy all their favorite things.

If All Else Fails, Consider Boarding To Keep Pets Safe

Many pet owners hate the idea of “boarding” their pets, but boarding doesn’t have the same reputation today that it did many years ago.  Some pet boarding places are like mini-vacation spots for pets, and they are filled with fun things to do and even better professional staff.

You may also choose to send your pet with a pet sitter.  If you’ve had your pet for some time, there’s probably already someone that you’ve hired previously or asked to watch your pet that would be perfectly happy to take them in while the renovation is being completed.  No matter which option you choose, the important thing is that your pet is safe and happy.

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